23 Things I Learned in My 22nd Year

I mean WOW.  There are many words I could use to describe my T-Swift year (22, for those that are very confused...), but all I can think of to describe it is "WOW."  My 22nd year was one for the books, for sure. This last year was one of personal growth --- thanks to the [...]

Okay God, I See You…

After coming off of a long weekend of working at a Women’s Encounter, I decided it was necessary to sit down with some of that sweet coffee goodness and process all that God did this past weekend. Sometimes I’ll get a subtle “ping” in my soul that tells me I need to spend some quality [...]

What’s Your Story?

Last night someone randomly came up to me and asked, “So, what’s your story?” And my immediate reaction was, “Oh man, where do I even start?”  As I began telling them my story, I was quickly reminded just how big of a part my sweet Jesus plays in my life. His goodness, faithfulness, and provision [...]