Grace + Coffee

A few weeks ago, I won a pretty big giveaway on Instagram… I know what you're thinking, YES, people actually win those. Trust me, I was as shocked as you probably are. One of the items included in this giveaway was a super duper comfy tee that says, “Grace and coffee, because adulting is hard.” [...]

What Hurricane Matthew Taught Me

Last Tuesday, my good buddy and I went to look at St. Augustine beach, or at least what was left of it after Hurricane Matthew stormed through, literally. House after house was marked with an orange spray-painted box with one or two marks deeming the house unsafe to enter. Street after street, piles of debris, [...]

Waiting While Smiling At The Future

*This post was featured as a guest post on The Farm Wyfe.* Let’s talk about the future for a minute… Yes, the future. What emotions are brought up when you read that first sentence? If you're anything like me, then fear, worry, and anxiety are among the emotions that start dwelling within your heart. The [...]