Sorry Jesus.

Sorry Jesus, not today. Sorry Jesus, I don’t have time. Sorry Jesus, I’m already in bed. Sorry Jesus, I had other important things to do today. Sorry Jesus, I forgot. Can you relate yet? I’ll be the first to admit that I have used just about every single one of those excuses multiple times and [...]

Come As You Are But Don’t Stay

Have you ever been somewhere that you just don't quite fit in? It could be a party you were invited to, a high school football game, or maybe a movie night at an acquaintance’s house. Maybe it was church. You walk in and maybe there’s a row of super outdated pews with ugly fabric on [...]

Best Weight Loss Plan Of 2017

Y’ALL, it is a brand spankin’ new year. I can hardly believe that it is already 2017. God moved in incredible ways in 2016. We launched our blog, we made new friendships, and we experienced the power of Jesus in so many amazing ways. We are so thankful for everything that happened in 2016, but [...]