Okay God, I See You…

After coming off of a long weekend of working at a Women’s Encounter, I decided it was necessary to sit down with some of that sweet coffee goodness and process all that God did this past weekend. Sometimes I’ll get a subtle “ping” in my soul that tells me I need to spend some quality [...]

What’s Your Story?

Last night someone randomly came up to me and asked, “So, what’s your story?” And my immediate reaction was, “Oh man, where do I even start?”  As I began telling them my story, I was quickly reminded just how big of a part my sweet Jesus plays in my life. His goodness, faithfulness, and provision [...]

What Is Wrong With Me?

If I’m being completely honest, the number one thing that the enemy uses to get me down is fueling the stinging pains of loneliness. It doesn’t take much work for him because the very thought of being alone forever shakes me at a core level. God made us for community and even beyond that, He [...]

Another Single Valentine’s Day?

Loneliness does this thing where it creeps into every area of my thoughts and it captures my attention so completely and effortlessly. A feeling sometimes so subtle, yet so tangible, that I can hardly focus on the tasks before me. A feeling that tells me I will never find someone, that I will be forever [...]