Come As You Are But Don’t Stay

Have you ever been somewhere that you just don’t quite fit in? It could be a party you were invited to, a high school football game, or maybe a movie night at an acquaintance’s house.

Maybe it was church. You walk in and maybe there’s a row of super outdated pews with ugly fabric on them or maybe there’s cold, plain seats with some kind of thin material that barely qualifies as a cushion. Maybe people are looking at you funny or maybe they don’t notice you at all. Maybe they are super welcoming and excited to have you walk through the doors and maybe, just maybe, you become part of the family instantly.

Maybe you walked in feeling a burden the size of a mountain on your shoulders. Maybe you could barely put one foot past the threshold of the door because of the sudden guilt and pain of something you did last night or last week. Maybe you’re nervous because you think everybody can see through the smile you slapped on right before you got out of your car. And maybe it took everything in you just to finally decide to actually get up and go to church.

Maybe you’re the “perfect” church goer. Maybe your attendance is impeccable. Maybe you know all of the major verses in the Bible. Maybe you have everything together. Maybe you even have your life under control. — Kudos to you, my friend!

Whatever your “maybe” may be, don’t let it hinder you from walking in the door. Regardless of how you walked in the doors, come as you are but don’t stay.

You’re probably really confused and you’re probably about to close out of this blog post because you think I’m crazy, but before you do, let me explain.

If you’re familiar with the David Crowder Band, then you know the song “Come As You Are”. It’s a great song with an even greater message. Although the Bible doesn’t say, “Come as you are” directly, it does say, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matt. 11:28)

“Come to me” is a direct command from Jesus Himself! He didn’t say, “Only come to me if you are perfect” or “only come to me if you have your life under control.” NO! He says, “COME” — without conditions.

So come; come to the Heavenly Father if you are weary, tired, or burdened. Come to Him even if you think you currently have everything under control, and even if you think everything is perfect. Come, and come without letting anything hold you back.

So, YES, come. But don’t stay.

The Bible calls us to come as we are, but it definitely does not tell us to stay that way. Stay in the presence of Jesus but don’t stay the way you came. There is freedom in the arms of Jesus and He is holding them wide open for you. He is breaking chains and mending hearts and lives back together. Allow Him to work in your life, whether you’re almost perfect or far from it, let Him change you for the better. Let the Perfect One begin to perfect you.

Come, taste, and see all that He is doing. Because once you taste the sweet goodness of Jesus, you won’t want to taste anything else.


With love,

Anna Jo

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