Grace + Coffee

A few weeks ago, I won a pretty big giveaway on Instagram… I know what you’re thinking, YES, people actually win those. Trust me, I was as shocked as you probably are. One of the items included in this giveaway was a super duper comfy tee that says, “Grace and coffee, because adulting is hard.” Once I saw this tee, I immediately fell in love with it because adulting is very hard and who doesn’t love grace and coffee? (If you don’t like grace and coffee, then you’re probably crazy, but I love you anyway.)

The week I got this adorable shirt in the mail, I wore it pretty much every single day. Listen, don’t judge me for wearing a dirty shirt all week, I was just excited, okay… But God’s timing and sovereignty in this was just mind blowing.

The entire week I wore the shirt, I was in desperate need of some grace, I just didn’t know it yet. It was a domino-effect kind of week and thing after another came crashing down on my little world. My heart ached, my mind was all over the place, I felt inadequate in so many different ways, and I was just plain wore out. It was just a bad week, y’all.

My life that week was in desperate need of grace (and coffee, but that’s an all day, every day type of thing. Can I get an AMEN?). I mean, my life every week desperately needs grace, but this week I needed a whole lot more grace than normal. At the end of that week, I looked back on all that had happened and I saw something that I hadn’t seen as I was living out the week. I saw tiny glimmers of Jesus’s abundant grace peak through each of my gloomy days. One day after the next, Jesus set His amazing grace on display for me and I didn’t even realize it until afterwards. He offered grace upon everlasting grace to me in little things as well as big things. He showed me grace in ending a relationship that had become toxic and unhealthy. He showed me grace by wrapping His comforting arms around me when I needed some peace and comfort. He showed me grace by putting sweet people in my path all week who showered me with encouragement. He showed me grace in the delicious ice cream that I got to enjoy with a sweet friend. He showered me with grace during an awful week and I just had to adjust my focus a little bit to actually realize it.

I didn’t have to win that giveaway, but God allowed it. I didn’t have to get that specific tee, but God was good and He knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it. All along, God knew exactly what He was doing. I know that my cute little tee was delivered to my house, not too early and not too late, but right on time. God divinely intervened and I am so thankful that He did.

So my point in saying all of this is that we all have bad days, bad weeks even. We are all in desperate need of some grace (and definitely some coffee) and we can find that grace in the loving arms of Jesus.

I see my struggle and I see yours, friend, so lets link arms and look to Jesus’s abundance of grace together. And while we are looking to Jesus for His grace, we can offer it to one another as well. Because if Jesus can give us grace freely and abundantly, then shouldn’t we give it to others as well? Take a step of faith and offer grace to someone, even if they are undeserving of it. EVEN IF that undeserving person is yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to offer yourself some coffee too. That part might not be free but it’s almost as important as the grace part… ALMOST ;).

Through bad days and bad weeks look to Jesus to find grace; His abundant, amazing grace. Look to Jesus to find joy, because the joy of the Lord can be your strength. Look to Jesus to find whatever it is you’ve been lacking, because my bet is that He has it. And what Jesus has, He has it abundantly. Choose grace, Choose joy. Choose coffee, always. But most importantly, choose Jesus. All day, every day.

With love, grace, and (invisible cyber) coffee,
Anna Jo

PS: My 21st birthday is in 2 weeks! Y’ALL, that’s crazy. I cant wait to share with y’all 21 things that I learned before I turned 21.

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