How To Become The Perfect Woman

Everywhere we look we see the “perfect woman”. Whether it’s on commercials, TV shows, Instagram accounts, or even some blogs, we see women who are pretty close to, if not completely, perfect. We then begin the pursuit of this so-called “perfect woman” in hopes that we too can live this seemingly perfect life that she beholds. But let me share a little secret with y’all… The perfect woman DOES NOT EXIST.

If you clicked on this blog post in hopes that there was a step-by-step process to become the perfect woman that our hearts long to become, then I’m sorry, you won’t find that here. But what you will find is real-life encouragement from one imperfect woman to another.

We chase this idea of the perfect woman but the chase is neverending and completely exhausting. It’s created by the enemy to steal your identity; an identity that is rooted in Jesus. This hopeless chase leads us to doubt, it ruins our perspective, and makes us women that we don’t even recognize. It focuses on outward appearances and it puts our attention on how others view us, rather than how Jesus views us.

Do you find yourself in a place where the enemy has stripped you of your identity in Christ? Are you doubting your beauty in Christ? Have you forgotten who you are? Dear sister, let me remind you, you are a daughter of the King. You have been bought with a price, made into a new creation, given a new identity, and deemed worthy of an eternal life. You are now a woman of excellence, rather than perfection, not because of who you are, but because of Who’s you are. You are perfect, only in the sense that a Perfect God lovingly created you.

Proverbs 31 lays out the kind of lifestyle that we should strive for; not a perfect life, but a Holy one. Verse 1 says, “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” In order for us women to become jewels we must embrace the “chisel and scrubbing brush”. Before a ruby becomes a ruby, it first looks like a lump of coal. After tedious and hard work by a jeweler, the lump of coal is then transformed into an expensive, highly-valued, beautiful jewel.

Gretchen Saffles puts it this way in her study, Proverbs 31: Women Of Dignity, Washed In Grace, “The chisel and the scrubbing brush are the loving tools of God that shape us into valiant women who reflect His glory in every facet of our lives. We cannot become this woman apart from these tools. The Proverbs 31 woman is marked by a submissive spirit that says, “Yes, God!” at every scrub and jab. She sees the beauty that is to come and looks to Jesus on the cross for her comfort.” The chisel and scrubbing brush will often be disguised as trials and hardships that we will walk through everyday but that is exactly what makes us into the women that God intends for us to be. Every scrub and jab will be uncomfortable, but God doesn’t call us to be uncomfortable. He calls us to follow Him and bring Him the praise and glory while doing so.

May we always be women who say, “Yes God!”, may we always be women who see the beauty to come and look to Jesus for comfort, and may we always know our value because of Who’s we are.

You are redeemed because of Jesus, sweet sister, so let’s go live like it.

From one imperfect sister to another,

Anna Jo


2 thoughts on “How To Become The Perfect Woman

  1. Isabel Cristina Pires Mills says:

    Great article this week. I was thinking about last Sunday’s sermon and how perfection can be an idol. If we are not careful we will spend our time pursuing who we want to be, and completely ignore and miss out on who God wants us to be.
    Thank you for making me think. Keep challenging people, keep encouraging us, …keep writing girl.
    Love you!

  2. G. Williams says:

    YES…..BEAUTY comes from the inside and then flows out……but, not without being chiseled and a many good scrubbings!! GREAT article…..

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