Praying For Oceans While Standing In A Puddle

Recently I attended a Hillsong Worship Concert, which was absolutely amazing. As soon as the music started, there was no doubt that the presence of God was in that theater.

Their most well-known song, as of right now, would probably have to be Oceans. If you’ve never heard it, then you probably live under a rock. It’s a great song with an even greater message.

When the song was first released, it exploded and every Christian every where was singing it, including myself. I would put it on repeat and sing it over and over again… But there came a point where I wasn’t singing it because of what the words meant, but instead I would sing it because it was a catchy tune with a pretty melody.

I never even noticed that the meaning of the song had lost its luster within my heart until I read a post on Facebook that hit me right between the eyes. It convicted my soul in a way that I didn’t even know was possible and it challenged me. It challenged me to not only sing Oceans simply because of the pretty melody, but to actually sing it as a powerful prayer over my life.

(I don’t know where you are in your life, but one thing you should know is that there is POWER in prayer. It is the kind of power that doesn’t quite make sense here on Earth, but somehow God chooses to bless us with it.)

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.” Was I ready to let God lead me somewhere outside of my cozy little comfort zone? Somewhere that I could trust Him no matter what? No way…

“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.” I don’t even like going into the water at the beach deep enough that my feet won’t touch, so I definitely wouldn’t like God to send me somewhere I wouldn’t go on my own.

But I was so convicted that I knew within my soul that I needed to change my heart when I sang Oceans.

So, I began to sing Oceans even more, but this time it was as a genuine and honest prayer over my life. I was praying for oceans while I was barely standing in a puddle. Yes, it’s a scary prayer and I was not ready for what God would bring but it felt right. Its kinda like that saying, “Never pray for patience” because God will give it to ya one way or another — am I right? All I knew was that I wanted to grow in my walk with Jesus and I wanted to allow Him to lead me to a place where I felt uncomfortable — because that is where true growth is found.

I never noticed whether or not that prayer was answered until I was standing in a theater in downtown Jacksonville with thousands of other people singing Oceans with the beautiful-hearted Taya Smith leading us in worship. As we sang and lifted our hands in praise and total adoration of our sweet Jesus, it hit me.

This right here.

This blog. This little space of ours on the gigantic internet is my answered prayer. It is the ocean that I had been praying for. This is the very place that God has been carefully guiding and leading me towards for months and months without me even realizing it. He graciously planted the thought and dream of this blog one day becoming a reality in my heart so long ago and now it is actually happening. Y’ALL IT’S HAPPENING!

This new ocean is a place where I feel completely and totally out of my comfort zone, yet completely and totally inside of God’s magnificent plan for my life. This is the place in the ocean where my feet cannot touch; it is scary and terrifying, yet thrilling.

From the very beginning, God has had His tender, gentle, and loving hands on this and He is already moving. He is blowing our minds with everything He has already done.

Where two or more are gathered, that is where the Spirit of the Lord is… So if it is just me and Ashtyn here, then thats okay, because this is a place where I believe that God is. And while I am uncomfortable and nervous to be vulnerable and real with y’all, I want to be where God is. Because where God is, there also lies healing. Because where God is, there is restoration power. Because where God is, there is also strength. Because where God is, real life change happens.

What about you? Are you standing in a puddle? I dare you to pray Oceans over your life. I dare you to trust that God will take you deeper than your feet could ever wander on their own. I dare you to let God lead you where your trust is without borders. Because when you do, you will be blown away by all that God does through you.

Pray Oceans over your life even when you are barely standing in a puddle, are you with me friend?

Anna Jo

8 thoughts on “Praying For Oceans While Standing In A Puddle

  1. Judy Miller says:

    Wow! God definitely has me swimming in deep water… so glad you’re publishing this blog. This was very well timed… my husband and I have taken a leap of faith and are feeling like we are treading water. But we also know that God always provide, just maybe not the way we expect!
    Thanks for jumping into your “Ocean”, and being willing to share it!

  2. G. Williams says:

    Wow! He is “Worthy of Worship” and to God I give Glory for putting these TRUTHS in your heart and mind and sharing it with a very very needy world!! May you both be BLESSED beyond anything you could ever dream of or ask for……used for HIS GLORY, HIS HONOR, and HIS SPIRIT BE YOUR POWER!!

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