Spring Into Action…

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, y’all! Winter is over and the hot Florida sun is shining down, getting hotter and hotter with each passing day. The weather is perfect and I’m already starting to work on my “ginger-tan”. The flowers that became bare and dead during winter are finally starting to bloom into the beautiful creation that their Creator intended them to be.

As I came home from church yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the pretty little Bougainvillea flowers (pictured below) that have recently bloomed. A few months ago this pretty plant looked bare and frail, showing no signs of life.

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I couldn’t help but think about how, we as women, so often feel much like the plant looked just a few months ago… Bare, frail, and with no signs of life.

Sometimes we walk through seasons of life where we don’t feel life inside of us. We go through days where we don’t really want to complete that ever-growing to-do list we have or seek the face of God like we know we should. Sometimes we feel as if we are in the midst of a drought, looking at others in our lives to see that their grass is far greener than our own. And sometimes we even feel as if God has gone silent on us, as if He has forgotten about us, even when we know in our hearts that He would never forsake us.

Can I just encourage you today? It’s okay. It’s okay to feel like you are in a dry season. It’s okay to not feel on top of your game. It’s okay to feel bare and frail. But it’s okay, because right after winter ends, spring begins.

If you are walking through a harsh, cold, wintery season, then keep pushing through, sister, spring is right around the corner. And with spring comes warmth, the blooming process, and rain! Spring flowers come with April showers so when the rain comes, embrace it and soak it up because it’s just part of the blooming process. God allows the storms to come so that we can soak it up and grow into the women that He intends for us to be. You can rest in knowing that storms don’t last forever and that our sweet Jesus has already walked through it for you. So keeping pressing in, keep seeking His face, keep praying, and keep looking up even when everything around you is looking down.

If you are in the middle of your blooming process, then I encourage you to flourish to the best of your ability during this season. Share the goodness that comes with the life and abundance of joy you feel from blooming into the creation that God intended you to be for this season. Share what God has been doing in your life with others and encourage those that are not in the blooming process yet.

Regardless of which season you are in, whether winter or spring, let’s spring into action; an action of faith. Faith that the season we are walking through has a purpose. Faith that seasons only last for so long. And most importantly, faith that God doesn’t ever forget us or go quiet on us.

Let’s link arms and spring into action together, sisters!


Anna Jo

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