The Identity Movement: Ellison’s Story

Hey everyone! My name is Ellison Voiselle! I am just a 20-year-old girl from Neptune Beach, Florida. I attend University of North Florida with a major in interdisciplinary studies. I am a worship intern at the Church of Eleven22 with aspirations and a calling of becoming a full time worship leader. I love all things coffee, all things music, all things friends, and all things Jesus. And this is my story…

It started in the sixth grade, where I was bullied for how I looked and how much I weighed. From then on out, I was constantly consumed with body image and what other people thought of me. I remember looking in the mirror and being so hard on myself that I literally thought arm hair was abnormal. What? Everyone has arm hair, but I was so worried of what other people might think of me that I was determined that it was weird and constantly crossed my arms trying to hide it.

I would come home crying just about every night after school because of how other people made me feel. The things they would say to me broke me in pieces and still haunt me to this day even though I realize I am not those things.

They would say things like:

“You are fat.”

“You are ugly.”

“You have thunder thighs.”

“Are you sick? Because you have really big bags under your eyes.”

“You are stupid.”

It’s in those comments and lies that people would tell me, that made me feel more and more alone and abnormal.

I grew up in the church but didn’t discover my own personal relationship with Jesus until 8th grade year. So walking through that season of bullying and loneliness as a sixth grader took a completely different toll because I really was alone and I didn’t have truths in my life to help me to get through that season. All of those lies got pushed down deeper into my heart while I tried to grow up.

When I discovered Jesus, I learned who HE said I was and who he says I am.

Jesus says,

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

“You are enough.”

“You are bought with a price.”

“You are worth it.”

Those simple truths remain deeper in my heart than any of those lies that stuck in my heart from sixth grade.

Through growing with the Lord and learning more about Him and more about me in the process, I got a tattoo from John 19:30 that says, “It is finished.” Those are some of the last words that Jesus said on the cross. That tattoo means so much to me… It reminds me of what I have been through, but also that it is complete in Jesus and that I stand in victory. All of those lies that I was fed, Jesus died for. All of those times I was told I wasn’t good enough or wasn’t smart enough, Jesus died for.

Stand in victory because Jesus says we are more than conquerors and that we are clothed in his righteousness. Stand firm in that truth and be reminded that when the world feeds us lies, that we are made for another world.



If you want to tell your “Identity Story”, you can send it in for the chance to be posted on the blog! Tell us about who you are, what your identity used to be (what Satan and the world told you you were, EX: unworthy, broken, unloved, disable), and then tell us what Jesus says you are (EX: worthy, whole, loved, able). We want this to be a movement that not only sheds light on the identity crisis we as women face everyday, but above all else, we want this movement to be for Jesus and His glory! So let’s celebrate all that Jesus has done! Send in your story to [email protected]! Please send in a picture of yourself with your hand out in front with whatever your identity used to be written on it (example below). Please make sure the picture is horizontal! 

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