When Comparison Steals Your Joy

Each and every time I hit the “share” button on Instagram, my heart is immediately gripped by this irrational fear that we are all far too familiar with, a fear that we like to call comparison. As a blogger, let alone as a girl, it is a really big struggle of mine. Comparison does this thing where it’s really good at stealing my joy. I look at other bloggers who are doing better than me and I start telling myself little lies that I somehow start to believe.

“Will I get x number of likes? Will I get any attention? What will people think of this? Am I pretty enough? Good enough? Do I look too fat? What’s wrong with me, that girl got all kinds of comments on her post and I can’t even get one? I should probably just go ahead and delete it…” And just like that we generously hand over our self-worth to people who have no idea that they are the deciding factor of our self-worth on the basis of a like or a comment. Sounds pretty silly, right?

So then why? Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we allow others to dictate our self-worth? Most of the time it’s because we don’t know who or what our identity lies in, we have a false sense of identity, or we just forget who we really are.

Social media makes the comparison game just that much worse. We see everyone’s highlight reel and then we directly compare it to our bloopers. Joby Martin puts it this way, “The “comparison trap” only has lose and lose as the options. Anytime we compare ourselves to others, we are accusing God of not knowing what He was doing when He gave us our gifts and talents.”  Who are we to accuse God of not knowing what He was doing when He created us? It kinda puts it in perspective when we think about it that way, doesn’t it?

We are so quick to compare ourselves to the next girl when the reality is, you are never going to be “her” or look like “her”, and thank goodness, because then the world would miss out on you. And YOU, my dear, are loved and hoped for. You are worth more than comparison. You are valued, created fearfully and wonderfully in the image of an Almighty God. And the best news of all is this, if you are in Christ, when God looks down on you He doesn’t see any of your sin and shame. But instead, He sees His Son, Jesus. That means that God doesn’t see any of your mistakes or flaws but, rather, He sees Jesus’ righteousness royally draped over us. We trade our torn and stained rags for His glorious robe of righteousness. This is the reality of our identity. We are no longer slaves to comparison because we are children of a Mighty God. Thank You, Jesus!

“Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act.”

 Psalm 37:7

Today, sweet sisters, I want to you examine your heart. Take a look deep down within yourself and ask, “Who am I? Where does my identity lie?” And then go get in a quiet place, maybe put on some subtle worship music, and just sit in the presence of the Lord. Get your heart ready, get focused, and ignore all distractions. Then speak to God out loud, vulnerably, and authentically. Speak to your Creator and ask Him, “Lord, who am I? Where does my identity lie?”  Open up your Bible, even if it hasn’t been opened in weeks, months, or years. Then, let Him speak His truths over you. Taste and see the goodness of Jesus. Gretchen Saffles says this when it comes to tasting the goodness of Jesus, “When you taste Jesus everything else loses its flavor. Approval from the world? Meaningless. Likes and followers on Instagram? Nothing. Making more money and having more things? Pointless. Jesus is greater than any human and worth more than anything. Jesus is better than any accolade, achievement, and accomplishment. He satisfies, He provides, and He meets us right where we are.”

Why would we chose to place our identity in anything other than Jesus? Taste and see, y’all. He is so so good. He will fulfill your heart more than any amount of likes, followers, comments, or compliments ever could.

If you know your identity isn’t in Jesus but you don’t know what or who your identity is in and you want to make some changes, then I encourage you to email me ([email protected]) or message me on Instagram (@annajobaker or @discoveringhersoulpurpose) and I would love to talk to you!

“We won’t be distracted by comparison when we are captivated with purpose.”



Anna Jo


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another excellent read!! Comparison to others will always “bring us down”! Understanding our IDENTITY in CHRIST will always “left us up”!

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